Aviation Prints


F-18 Pilot. No. 2 in the series of paintings showing the Pilot Head Gear throughout each era in aviation.


Battle of Britain Spitfire Pilot


Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8 on the ramp at Vancouver airport, June 1975.


Trans Canada Airlines North Star loading baggage and refueling at Toronto Malton Airport in 1959.


F-86 Sabre climbing in the colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force aerobatic team, the “Golden Hawks” in the 1960’s.

Safe Home

Douglas DC 3 Dakota painted in RCAF 435/436 colours that served in Burma 1944-5. The Aircraft is currently flown by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.  The original is 18″ x 24″ and painted in acrylic. Prints are available.

Finished Otter on skis

400 Squadron RCAF  Otter on skis over a crash site.  Painted in acrylic on 24″ x 36″ Canvas.  The aircraft is shown in Rescue colours.  Prints are available.

Royal Canadian Air Force deHavilland Otter over Fort Churchill Manitoba. Depicted on approach to landing in Churchill. The flight path flew over the ruins of Hudson’s Bay Company Fort used in the fur trade that opened up the North America in 1700’s. This aircraft was flown by 400 Squadron.

Trans Canada Airlines Super Constellation in start up sequence in front of the Toronto Ontario Malton airport circa 1960.  This painting is he result of research and many photographs of the restored Connie Canadian registry CF-TGE,  and TCA number 405 that has been restored and resides in front the Boeing factory,  Seattle Washington.  The painting is acrylic on canvas 20″ x 30″ and prints are available in several sizes.

RCAF Transport Command Aircraft built by De Havalland Aircraft of Canada and flown from 1960 thru 2000. The painting is acrylic on 24″ x 36″ on canvas Board.

RCAF Transport flown from 1948 1960's.

RACF Transport Aircraft flown from 1948 thru 1960’s. The painting is acrylic on canvas board 24″ x 36″ .

RCAF jet transport aircraft flown from 1950’s thru to the present. The painting is acrylic on 18″ 24″ canvas board.

RCAF transport aircraft flown for 1939 thru the mid 1950’s. Lougheed Hudson, Laugheed 10 and the the Beech 18 Expeditor. the painting is acrylic on 16″ x 18″ canvas board.

The first aircraft flown by the Royal Canadian Airforce. the Ford Trimotor and the Boeing 247. 1928 to the mid 1930’s. The painting is acrylic on 14″ x 16″ canvas board.

The Iconic Douglas DC 3/ C 47 was flown by the RCAF from World War 2 thru the 1960. She is joined by the Bristol Freighter briefky flown in the 1950’s. The painting is acrylic on 16″ x 18″ canvas board.

The Canadair CL-66 Cosmopolitan, nicknamed “Cosmo” was flown as a VIP transport in 1959 thru 1960. The painting is acrylic in 12″ x 14″ cnavas board.

The RCAF were well known for transport activities throughopu the Northern parts of Canada from the mid 1940’s till fairly recently flying the Dehavalland Otter on wheels or floats and the Noorduyn Norseman. The painting is acrylic on 16″ x 18″ canvas board.

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