Grant Gulland is a retired teacher who has had a love of art, painting and aviation most of his life. He’s a retired RCAF reserve officer and a licensed pilot.  Since his retirement from education he became involved in activities closet to his heart.   Grant is a volunteer at the Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museum in Hamilton and is a crew, member on a vintage DC-3 that flies at airshow around southern Ontario frequently taking people for rides. He is also an excellent carpenter and model builder.

Grant decided to to translate his love of airplanes to canvas and create paintings of a variety of both civillian and military aircraft.  Although aviation and aircraft are his first love he also enjoy painting landscape and subject paintings with equal enthusiasm.  Many of the paintings stem from his life experience and travel using photographs for the main ideas.

He works in acrylic paint using mostly brush and canvas although frequently uses other mediums including pencil,crayon, coloured pencil,pastel and ink.

Model building is often used to sort composition of a piece, placing the model in many different positions to determine layout or using photographs as a basis for a piece.


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